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    Hi everyone !  This page is to let you know a little more about  ( River Valley Naturist ), nudism and clothing optional recreation. We are a new club just started in January 2004 to allow our members and other interested parties  opportunities to enjoy  clothes free  recreation. We are a non-landed travel club, since we are a non-landed club we meet at members homes and plan future events such as picnics, camping trips, swimming trips, barbeques, and other small get-to-gethers.
We sometimes visit landed clubs in Oklahoma and Texas. Our membership is composed of couples and singles. Most of our members live in and around the AR/OK River Valley. Our goal is to have fun and educate people about the benefits of body acceptance through social nudism and clothes free recreation.  Just some of the immediate benefits are greater self-esteem, respect for others and respect for the environment. If you enjoy skinny-dipping, the sun, good fellowship, and great times, maybe our group is for you.

Do you know a nudist? Nudist members represent a cross section of the population. We have lawyers, doctors, tradesman, accountants, clergy, administrative assistants, teachers, nurses,  government employees, business owners, sales people, the self employed and the unemployed. Our memberships include mothers and fathers, husbands and wives, dating couples and unattached singles. In short we could be your neighbor, co-worker, friend, or even a family member.

We believe nudism is a way of living in harmony with nature and a means of fostering self-acceptance, respect for others, and appreciation for the environment. We think of ourselves as being free of the constraints  and prejudices that clothing can bring. We find that a very wholesome atmosphere of mutual respect, honesty, and well being prevails when people find themselves laughing and enjoying fellowship with family and friends in a nude environment.

Nudist are " nude when possible, clothed when practical". Clothes free recreation helps to build
self- esteem and body acceptance. We believe there are no perfect bodies and there are no unattractive bodies. Through social nudism many members find an atmosphere of acceptance and respect  seldom found anywhere else. Many people who try clothes- free recreation agree it just feels good.

Take off with us !  Many who visit this site ( maybe even you ) will eventually get around to trying clothes free recreation. While you may be a little nervous at first ( most of us were ), just about everyone who finally gets up the courage to try it, feels completely comfortable very quickly, often in as little as fifteen minutes. In a couple of hours you will wonder why you ever thought nudity was such a big deal all these years. If you were ever interested or curious about clothes free recreation please contact us and we will set you up an  interview appointment.  Membership fee is only $36.00 per household per year.

R.V.N .   P.O. Box 72,    Shady Point, Oklahoma    74956


Promoting Naturism in a Positive Light
         Nudism is not a sex club. It is not pornography.  It is not  a place for men to pick up women for sex.  Nudism is not and never has been about sex.  Nudism is about  "Body acceptance".   ALL Bodies, not just the ones that society tell us are beautiful.  To find out more about our club and social nudism take  a tour of this site. 

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