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Rules of Conduct

  We all have rules to live by, these are ours. These rules help make our nudist events  safer and more enjoyable for all.

*  We expect everyone to respect the privacy of members, guests, and party host.

*  We are clothing optional. While we encourage nudity, we realize that some may be a little         uncomfortable at first.

*  We encourage couples to join but everyone is welcome.

*  If anyone in the group makes you uncomfortable, please tell your sponsor or party host.

*  Public Sexual behavior or conduct is frowned upon, even amoung couples, and will be              grounds for dismissal from the club.

*  Gawking is rude and not tolerated.

*  While some of us drink, drunkenness and rude behavior are not acceptable.

*  RSVP through your sponsor for the first three events.

*  After three events you may be accepted as full members

* As a full member you will be welcome to bring a guest, but you must first check with the party    host.

* Alway bring your own towel since nudist etiquette demands you sit on one.

*  We encourage members to join landed clubs or one of the national nudist organization such
   as The Naturist Society, AANR or INA. More information about these clubs are available     on our  Links Page.

RVN , P.O. Box 72,  Shady Point, Ok.  74956               
Promoting Naturism in a Positive Light